News & Updates

Crystal Studio Version 18 Release!

Date: 12/17/2022

We are pleased to announce the new release of Crystal Studio Version 18 On December 17, 2022!



Crystal Studio Titled Best Crystallography Software Platform!

Date: 09/26/2022

We are honored to announce that Crystal Studio was named Best Crystallography Software Platform 2022!



Crystal Studio Version 17 Release!

Date: 12/07/2021

We are pleased to announce the new release of Crystal Studio Version 17 On December 07, 2021!



VirtuaLabs Version 2.0 Release!


We are pleased to announce the new release of VirtuaLabs Version 2.0!



Crystal Studio is packaged in five different editions and a Client/Server version: Crystal Studio Lite, Crystal Studio Standard, Crystal Studio Professional, Crystal Studio Enterprise and Crystal Studio Quantum plus VirtuaLabs.

High Quality 3D Graphics

Create photo-realistic high resolution high quality 3D graphics. Complicated models can be easily built.

Gracefully Designed Interface Elegantly Implemented

With tabbed Space Group View/Crystal Structure View/Model View in the left hand pane and the Properties Window in the right hand pane. Everything is easily accessible from the frame window. Select your favorite application look and customize your toolbar with additional user created toolbars.

Multiple Tools with Multiple Views

Ten different tools and/or views are gracefully integrated with the document.

  1. 3D Crystal View.
  2. 3D Molecule View.
  3. Create Nanotubes and Nanocones.
  4. Assembly of Crystals, Molecules, Fullerenes and Nanotube Structures.
  5. Powder XRD, Neutron and Electron Diffraction Patterns for Single Crystal or Phase mixtures.
  6. 3D Reciprocal Lattice for Single Crystal or Matrix plus 2nd Phase or Twin. Various Order of Laue Zones.
  7. Zone Axis Electron Diffraction Patterns for Single Crystal or Matrix plus 2nd Phase or Twin. Higher Order Laue Zones.
  8. Stereographic Projections for Single Crystal or Matrix plus 2nd Phase or Twin.
  9. Two Dimensional Real and Reciprocal Lattices.
  10. First Principle Simulations. Calculations of band structures, Born effective charges, dielectric constants, piezoelectric constants, elastic constants and thermodynamic properties etc. can be performed.

Simple User Interface for Complex Tasks

Double click on objects or views to change their properties. Right click to invoke context sensitive pop-up menus. Unlimited steps of undo and redo.

Database Powered

Crystal Studio is integrated with a crystallographic database. The database contains information about all 530 space group specifications from various versions of International Tables for (X-Ray) Crystallography, information on all elements in the Periodic Table including valence, radii etc. and latest data for atomic scattering amplitude and Debye-Waller factors for diffraction calculations. The database also include a crystal structure database with 6000 common crystal structures (Enterprise or Quantum Edition) and a layer/cluster table.

Various Defects

Vacancies, Interstitial Atoms, Edge and Screw Dislocations, Stacking Faults, Twins and Two Phase Coherent Interfaces. Dislocation, FCC/BCC Interface layer.

Various Features

Coordination or Vacant Site Polyhedra, Planes and Plane Atom Views, Thermal Motion Ellipsoids, Selective Build, Cell Transformation, Crystal Slab, Add Surface Layer, Atom Vectors for Symmetries, etc.

File and Data Import and Export

Import common crystal structure and macro-molecule structure data files automatically. Import common XRD pattern data files automatically. Export CIF and Cartesian coordinate files. Save or export high resolution high quality image files.